1 / 209

It hurts to confess my weight in numbers although anyone that sees me can clearly see that I am fat. The success rate of weight loss and then maintenance is very low. And even lower if I do not try, right?

Today – I moved. I moved off the couch. I got on my bike and went for 5 miles. I did not push hard although my legs became rubbery and my chest became tight. Sometimes I dismounted and walked. But I moved. I let myself into the sunshine that came out today. I took my self off of my couch.

I cried the whole way. And I prayed. But I moved.

I don’t know what is next regarding an exercise regime. I have no equipment and no money so that’s cool because I can find ways to be creative/resourceful about it. But today, I can celebrate because I moved even though I did not feel like it.


One response to “1 / 209

  1. So proud of you! Just keep moving when you don’t feel like it and you will get there 🙂 Love you MUCH!!

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