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No exercise today. My weight came back down. My routine was different than most Saturdays. I allowed myself some retail therapy but did not enjoy it. And instead of going home to sit alone, I put myself around my family “in town”. Been very tired today. Went to bed early but woke to my father shouting in pain and hearing him tumble down the stairs.

Am sitting in the hospital now. I believe the injuries to be minor but as he is diabetic was best to have all checked out.

I did not want this blog to be emotional. I wanted a movement and fitness focus – but – will confess that today I am dealing with more sadness and worry than I would like to. I am hoping I can still make it to church but I am exhausted already and my night is not over and I have had a sharp adrenaline response tonight (history of adrenaline fatigue here). I am afraid to rest actually because I will stay at rest ….


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